Digital iVision Delivered Directly

All iCat Vision workups include the iVision program and an autorun feature that will copy the data to the correct location of your hard drive. For more information, please call the Bellevue Lab at (425) 453-3440.

Among the options available for the acquired images are bone density or HU statistics to get a clear impression of the quality of the bone. Linear measurements provide accurate implant and locational planning. Orthodontic projections such a Panoramic and Skull views can be easier rendered. Filters can be easily adjusted to customize images.

iVision is an advanced software tool utilized by Dentofacial Imaging NW that allows for amazing acquisition options on our crystal clear images. Cutting edge processing bestows impressive levels of measurement opportunities.

Multi-dimensional Digital Images

In a single quick impressive scan you can have it all. Get 3D digital images downloaded quickly directly to your hard drive. The image processing and measurement options are surprising and make your treatment plans for patients unmatchable.

Your Client's Care

Rest assured that not only will your iVision images be cared for expertly, but so will your clients. They get the lowest dose radiation and the highest comfort. With iVision nothing goes in the mouth! This is perfect for smaller mouth patients. We also have friendly customer service.

icat ivision download part screen shot

Precise Dental Diagnosis

Bottom line is that you make more money when the client is impressed, chooses your practice over the second opinion, and your diagnosis is precise and efficiently delivered. After a precise diagnosis and treatment, good online reviews then bring you more patients with these caliber issues. DFI believes in a partner relationship and we help your business grow. It starts with the highest quality dental images possible, so you can have the best information about your patient's bone, nerve and soft tissues.