Dentofacial Imaging NW's CBCT service is the best choice for x rays when your dental needs go beyond a traditional x ray. CBCT is also known as Cone beam CT or Cone beam Volumetric Scans. The data collected is in 3D and is available digitally. Traditional x rays do not give the level of detail or data that Cone beam volumetric radiographic x rays give your dentist. The images are obtained in seconds without anything going into your mouth and with very low radiation.

CBCT imaging of the jaw and head captures not only the bone but also the teeth roots, nerves, and blood vessels. Usually medical imaging can only get one or the other. Cone Beam CT’s ability to get both makes it unique and invaluable.The level of detail given makes this a must for doctors planning advanced oral surgery, such as implants. This technology is safe and effective to get the necessary data to diagnose your issues.

CBCT, also called Cone beam CT, is computed tomography imaging. It uses rotating x ray equipment and a powerful digital computer software program to produce cross sectional images. It captures the soft tissues and the bone.

World class doctors use world class tools. Treatment plans of all kinds benefit from Cone beam CT.

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Assess bone quality and use measurement tools with accuracy. Render 3D models that you can rotate for better understanding. Change your diagnostic process forever by discovering new treatment planning elements!