Radiographic Images

Radiographic images allow dentists to get the information they need to evaluate complicated dental issues and make the right diagnosis. The right treatment plan the first time is key to a quick recovery. This 2D dental imaging technique takes x rays of the internal structure. Coming to a specialist for x rays is smart. Our technicians provide the clearest images.


CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography. This is a specialized dental imaging technique where the x rays form a cone. It produces 3D images of teeth, soft tissues, nerves and bone in one scan. The cone beam technology can render images, such as tooth root orientation, that 2D radiography cannot. Surgical implant planning frequently includes CBCT scans.

Dental Photos

Dental imaging x rays and cone beam CTs make evaluating and diagnosing issues precise. Dental photos make this process faster and easier for the patient to understand the exact location and external magnifications of the problem. Dental photos also provide a before and after experience that the patient and doctor find satisfying.

Prescription X Rays

Dentists in the Puget Sound and all over the state of Washington send their patients to Dentofacial Imaging NW's Bellevue lab. We are the preferred specialist for x ray referrals because of the quality of our x rays and excellent customer service. Our dental imaging makes evaluation and treatment of dental issues precise. Get the right images. Get the right diagnosis.