Low Radiation Exposure

Our radiographic equipment is inspected for safety each year. Levels for exposure fall below the state guidelines for all dental x ray procedures. The Department of Radiation Safety approves our facility designs for patient and technician safety. Dosimetry information can be provided for each patient and each procedure upon request. Since we specialize in Dental Xrays, retake percentages are very low compared to dental practice. If retakes occur it is primarily to demonstrate additional anatomical information rather than because of technical error.

Our radiographic equipment is selected and maintained to provide the least exposure for the greatest amount of diagnostic information.

High Technical Quality

Dentists refer patients to a professional x ray lab for the same reason that general dentists refer patients to dental specialists. Dentofacial Imaging NW is an X Ray specialist. Each of our staff has completed modules in behavioral management, radiation physics, head and neck anatomy, and demonstrated expertise in caring for a broad range of patient conditions.

Our professionals are experts at running the latest radiographic equipment and interpreting the diagnostic imaging acquired from it. Your images will be clear and delivered quickly as we now deliver through secure email for a super fast turn around.

difference between mri and ct scan

Cutting Edge Radiographic Equipment and Space Investment

Dental imaging changes rapidly. Imaging systems require frequent upgrades and replacement needs so that office software and hardware are an increasing part of every dental practice annual budget. DFI remains on the cutting edge of the dental imaging industry since we upgrade our radiographic equipment and focus on technical training. This saves you considerable money and time in training your staff.

DFI centralizes expensive systems and continues to provide a state of the art resource for these tools to your practice. Leasehold space and improvement costs for dental offices are soaring. Use your space for a higher value production unit. Not all of your patients will need the use of radiographic equipment, which is expensive and space consuming.

Let us buy it, house it, maintain it, upgrade and replace it. We keep the best staff trained on it, too

We Foster Long-term Relationships

NWR/DFI opened it's doors in 1982 and continues to provide the best dental radiography in the PNW. We serve over 1000 practices of all dental specialties. Our goal is to start with the new dental practice on day one and continue as an integral practice partner through transition/retirement.