Difference Between MRI and CT Scan is dentists can use a CT Scan


Diagnostic Imaging for Dentists

Presently serving over 1000 dental offices in the Seattle Puget Sound area, we look forward to customizing our diagnostic imaging services to the needs of your practice and each patient you service.

All of us at DFI consider ourselves to be your staff off site. We strive to strengthen our long term patient and referring relationship with every interaction.

Before you order your images you can consult with our team to get the perfect prescription for your treatment plan. After the patient has visited one of our 2 labs you will receive images via secured email or UPS.

Important Things to Know About Our Services


The first available appointment time is offered to each patient. An appointment is usually open in one of our labs within 24 hours. Dentofacial Imaging NW's staff will respond to the patient’s convenience as well as your need for the records. It will be helpful to stress to the patient your need to obtain the images quickly if that is the case.


Please advise your patients of the prescribed service’s cost. Although DFI does not accept insurance, we do offer itemized receipts to help patients submit claims to their insurance carriers. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Check or Cash. It is a courtesy to advise patients that payment is due at the time of the x ray appointment, unless you have authorized us to bill to your office.


A complete set of your patient’s records will be delivered to your office via UPS on the third business day following the patient appointment. Digital files can be available sooner. Please call for information about our delivery services. Get 3D digital images downloaded onto your harddrive directly.


Before you order your diagnostic images, you can consult with our expert Radiographic Technicians to identify the processes and views best for the anatomy you are diagnosing. Once the images are ready, several Oral Radiologists are available to provide interpretation of radiographic views if it is ordered with the prescription.

Get Accurate Prescriptions

By law, a written, signed prescription must be presented before radiographs can be taken. If a patient arrives without a prescription, we will do our best to reach you or a member of your staff. If we are unable to reach you, we regret we would need to reschedule the appointment. Please feel free to send your prescription using our Online Prescription Form.

When your patient calls for an appointment, DFI staff review our information base of referring doctors’ preferences. If you would like to set up a new prescription or review your standing prescription in our database, please call the closest lab. Changes are made immediately, and will be relayed to all other DFI labs.

Low Exposure

It is advisable to ask patients and parents of patients if there are any concerns about radiographic x ray exposure. It is helpful for them to learn about the low dose of radiation that radiography exposes them to compared to traditional x rays.

Patients are usually receptive to a doctor’s reassurance about the value of radiographic diagnostic imaging, accurate treatment planning, and the small risks of exposure. You may wish to refer your patients to our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about exposure.

lateral-cephalometric x ray diagnostic imaging nw

Online Prescriptions and Appointments

Prescriptions may be submitted online through our Submit Prescription Page. We will consider this your signed order for imaging services. Please continue to advise your patients about the importance of this imaging appointment and quote the fees for the services. It is recommended that you keep a copy of this form in your patient file, just as you have kept the DFI copy of your written prescriptions for future reference. You may also use the Appointment Request Form to submit patient information to the lab of your choice, or encourage your patients to do so independently.

We strongly recommend that you obtain the patient’s permission, print out and give the patient any information you submit online. Requests for diagnostic imaging appointments will be answered within 24 hours by e-mail.

Please Call Us For a Quick Tutorial

You will find our radiographic and photographic techniques different than those you have ever seen before and we love to talk shop! No, we can not train staff due to our busy commitments to our referrals. We do provide problem-solving advice on the appropriate view to take for specific anatomy, as well as some equipment and processing pitfalls.


Visit us Anytime

You are welcome to visit our Bellevue DFI laboratory at any time! We encourage you to come visit so you are familiar with the diagnostic imaging process your patients will encounter during their appointments.

Learn more – see Professional Links and see above for Prescription Information.

Staff at our labs are happy to help your patients request an appointment.