Founded in 1982, Northwest Radiography has created a state-of-the-art imaging laboratory network in the Seattle, Washington area to furnish the highest standard of patient care and technical service to the dental community at a reasonable cost to the consumer.  Now known as Dentofacial Imaging NW we continue on with those standards and vow to keep current with the latest in dental imaging technology,  now and in the future.   From our Bellevue lab that serves the entire Seattle area – we have been able to delivery quality dental x rays such as panoramic, cephalometric,  periapicals,  and iCat CBCT scans throughout Washington state.

Our business strategy has been carried out successfully through rigorous adherence to ethical business practices, establishment and maintenance of clinical excellence through careful staff training and quality control.

On-going communication with the practicing dental community and incorporation of progressively sophisticated radiographic and photographic procedures as imaging technology has evolved has been vital to the success of our mission.

DFI Expertise

Dentofacial Imaging NW offers the experience of a seasoned  staff.    For over 25  years they have honed their skills and produce top quality imaging with little to no "re-takes".  Their insight and professional expertise gives our clients complete confidence in the high quality of patient care and state of the art imaging services. Our specialities include dental x-rays & radiographs, lateral cephalometric radiographs, orthodontic dental photography, i-Cat CBCT scans,  and more.

Partnership Attitude

We work tirelessly to provide great customer service to the dental professionals who diagnose and treat patients referred for imaging services. Great care of the patient, clear images and quick turnaround are to be expected. Dentofacial Imaging NW builds lasting relationships with lasting good impressions.